Clinical Approach

I believe that successful work in therapy begins with a detailed evaluation of the current and past circumstances related to your presenting concerns. I will then share my feedback and recommendations with you so that we can collaborate to establish your specific personal goals.

Since therapy involves a large commitment of the self, as well as time, money, and energy, you should be very thoughtful about the therapist you select. As such, I encourage you to evaluate your comfort with my initial impressions and our interactions together in order to determine if you would like to begin therapy with me. Moreover, I believe in cultivating honest and direct discussions about the therapy process throughout our work together.

In ongoing treatment, my objective is to assist you in concretely and effectively coping with your present pain, stressors, and conflicts. I also seek to help you consider and better understand your feelings, thoughts, and interpersonal patterns, along with the past and familial roots of your current struggles. I believe that a combination of these two approaches helps most people move beyond their current difficulties and experience hope, healing, and growth.

In helping people tackle their challenges in therapy, I take an empathic, active, honest, and direct approach. Through our work, I strive to help people lead happier, more dynamic lives and be part of more fulfilling and mutual interpersonal relationships. As a therapist, I consider the final goal of therapy to be for people to actively, effectively, and independently create change in their own lives.

If I feel you might benefit from a treatment that I do not offer, I am a knowledgeable resource for referral to other practitioners and community supports.

In addition, I work with several psychiatrists who can provide a psychiatric evaluation and consultation for individuals who may also benefit from medication.

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