Throughout my career, I have been active in conducting workshops for various groups. Topics have ranged from wellness-focused presentations to discussions about particular issues of interest in the field of mental health.

Some workshop topics have included:

  • Bereavement: Making Meaning of Death and Loss
  • Coping and Resiliency During the Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Drinking Without Harm and Risk
  • Enhancing Work Relationships By Understanding Personality Types
  • Fortifying Love Relationships Through the Power of Personality Types
  • Intergroup Dialogues: Education, Conversation, Exploration, and Action Across Different Groups
  • Stand Up For Yourself Without Bullying or Being Bullied
  • Succeeding Over Stress
  • Survivor: The College and Graduate Years
  • Survivor: College Parent
  • Survivor: College Freshman Year
  • Survivor: High School Senior Year
  • Taming Difficult People
  • Your Learning Style: Make It Work for You

I am also pleased to create workshops tailored to meet your group’s unique needs. Please call me to discuss additional workshop and group information and details.