A Simple Secret to Greater Well-Being (That You Already Do Every Day)

Dr. Lauren SalerAnxiety, Audio, Depression, Stress Management

One of the simplest and most effective tools to decrease stress, anxiety, anger, and perhaps even sadness is an action you automatically do thousands of times a day…. breathing.
Becoming aware of the tremendous power of the breath is one of the first tools I teach people. The good news is that all it takes is a greater awareness of this simple, automatic act. No need to find extra time each day and, though there are many suggested ways to use the power of your breath, you do not have to learn any new techniques to start harnessing this power.
Maybe even as you read this, you might start to feel and listen to your breath, travelling in and out of your body… And as you do so, you may also notice how each breath spreads calm, steadiness and quiet throughout your body….
Feel free to listen to the audiotaped exercise below to further experience how attention to your breathing will encourage a more relaxed and tranquil body and mind and greater well-being.